Achievements 2000 – 2022

August 2000

Centre for Leadership for Women (CLW) is founded by Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey.
Note: in 2012, CLW changed its name to the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW).

In 2000 the Vision of CLW was:

To empower women to develop their own style of leadership based on a combination of their individual strengths and an understanding of leadership theory and practice.

Mission of CLW:

  • To explore the practices that underpin the strategies used by respected leaders to achieve their vision
  • To explore leadership practices and associated literature in terms of the explicit and implicit meanings,  inherent biases and forms of systemic discrimination
  • To explore approaches to overcome gender biases that impact on women’s leadership
  • To provide ongoing debate about women’s leadership issues
  • To encourage the involvement of women who are in a range of leadership positions to act as role models to reflect the diverse perspectives and styles they represent
  • To lobby relevant public and private organisations to create pathways for women’s leadership
  • To research  issues of concern to women and suggest  strategies to relevant organisations to resolve barriers against women

Leadership Survey for what women want was launched.

  • ACLW recognised by the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA (Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia) Archive
  • Research into the Glass Ceiling published
  • CLW Short-listed for the Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing
  • Women’s Career Empowerment Program
  • Road to a Republic, Australian Senate Submission
  • 12 Insights into Leadership for Women Survey concludes
  • 12 Insights into Leadership for Women (2003): report based on analysis of 193 women’s responses

Leadership Audit of Police women in Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police with a Report of recommendations for Victoria Police Executive

Leadership Achievement Award Planning begins

The Leadership Achievement Award for Women commences. It ran from 2006-2009 and has been proffered upon a number of Australian women self-initiating projects in the community and implementing them in collaboration with others and driving systemic and organisational change for women.

Political Support for CLW’s various programs at different times has been given from several ministers including: Kate Ellis, Minister for Women, Senator Michaela Cash, Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, Dr Carmen Lawrence; Jodeen Carney MLA, Leader of the Opposition, Northern Territory, Shadow Attorney-General, Shadow Minister for Justice, Women’s Policy, AustralAsia Railway; Katy Gallagher MLA, ACT Minister for Women; Tanya Plibersek, Shadow Minister for Child Care Youth &  Women; Desley Boyle MP, Minister for Environment, Local Government, Planning and Women; Sandra Nori, Minister for Tourism and Sport and Recreation; Women; assisting the Minister for State Development; Verity Firth, MP, NSW  Minister for Women; Sue Ellery, MP, Western Australia  Minister for Women’s Interests; Maxine Morand MP, Victoria’s Minister for Women’s Affairs; Maxine McKew MP, Parliamentary Secretary; Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick

  • The Australian Government’s National Review of the Equal Employment Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act and Agency
  • Women getting into Boards Report (2009):  based on analysis of 317 women’s responses. Research endorsed by Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, Research featured in Australian Financial Review, Tuesday 29 Sept. 2009, p54.
  • Australian Political Leadership and the Media (2009): Analysis of women’s views on Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull & Penny Wong’s leadership in climate change crisis
  • Status of Women in Australia concept and mockup website (using ABS statistics) created for the Australian Government 2 Taskforce Submission: Mockup website ranked 7th out of 170.
  • Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness
  • Factors influencing women’s vote in the 2010 Australian Federal Election (2010): report based on analysis of 119 women’s responses in the lead up to the 2010 Australian Federal Election
  • December 2010 – June 2011: ACLW’s virtual meeting with Minister Ellis and Senator Cash enabled them to gain an awareness of the issues that concern women and inform women about their vision and objectives in relation to these issues. Questions and responses related to 22 issues including the gender gap, flexible work practices, the minister’s portfolio, women’s health, domestic violence, education and pensions and superannuation. The Minister’s and Senator’s responses were published in December 10 and updated till 2011.
  • As part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, ACLW gained insightful contributions from individuals and organisations on what the real issues are and ways to improve the National Plan on Domestic Violence.
  • Women’s Pre-Election Analysis Panel in the run up to Australia’s 2010 Federal election to analyse the policies and issues of the Australian Labor, Liberal, Democrat and Green Parties in relation to how they impact on women. 12 Pannellists included Eva Cox, Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL); Marie Coleman, National Federation of Australian Women (NFAW); Sue Conde, UNIFEM Australia; Sally Jones, Older Women’s Network Australia (OWNA); Licia Kokocinski,  Advocacy, Disability, Ethnicity, Community (ADEC)
  • Campaign for Pay Equity: 46 key women’s organisations, unions and individuals signed the Petition presented to Julia Gillard in July 2010 and Opposition spokeswoman Dr Sharman Stone.
  • The Advancement of Women in the Workplace Award was launched to recognise women and men who are leading the way in reducing gender disparity, promoting equity and women’s advancement in the workplace.
  • Professional Contributors Program; Panellist – Pauline O’Loughlin, Program Manager for the University of Technology Shopfront Community Program in Sydney
  • Distinguised Australians become CLW’s Patrons:
    • Patron in Chief: Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia
    • Sir Gustav Nossal AC, CBE, FAA, FRS
    • Professor Shirley Randell AO, PhD, FACE, FAIM, FAICD, AIE Director of the Centre for Gender, Culture and Development Studies at the Kigali Institute of Education Rwanda
    • Dr Jocelynne Scutt, Barrister and Human Rights lawyer and Fmr High Court Judge of Fiji
    • Sue Conde, AM President Unifem Australia
  • CLW becomes a Member of the National Women’s Secretariat, Equality Rights Alliance (formerly known as WomenSpeak) and of the Australian Women’s Coalition.
  • CLW’s Expert Panel on Climate Change commences: Professor Steve Williams, Director of the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change, James Cook University, Australia; DrAndrew Ash, Director, Climate Adaptation Flagship, CSIRO, Australia;  Steve Andrews, CEO, SolarAid, UK; Giselle Wilkinson, President, Sustainable Living Foundation, Australia; Ian Dunlop, Chairman of Safe Climate Australia & Deputy Convenor of the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil
  • Panel of 8 Judges appointed for ‘Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations’ (SWECO): Sue Conde, President of Unifem Australia; Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO, Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS); Avril Henry, Managing Director of Avril Henry Pty Ltd; Dr Grace McCarthy, Senior Lecturer, Sydney Business School University of Wollongong; Katy McDonald, National Director of People & Development at Minter Ellison Nareen Young, CEO of Diversity Council Australia.
  • Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations  (SWECO) Award was launched in September 2011 to award male and female individuals and groups who have developed a sustainable initiative to empower women in a community or organisation.
  • Rodgers-Healey presented a paper in Women in Educational Leadership. Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, 10th Conference on Educational Leadership. Global Thinking, National Structure, and Local Learning. 25 February 2011, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • The Centre for Leadership for Women (CLW) changes its name to the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) with a new vision: Transform – Empower – Recognise – Globalize – Give Back
  • Abandoning Leadership – A new way of being for women and men published by ACLW
  • ACLW Submission for National Review EOWW Ammendment Bill 2012
  • How women’s global activism starts and spreads: December 2011- March 2012 Paper for CairnsInstituteJamesCookUniversity based on international research of women activists
  • Women’s Leadership Program commenced in the South Coast areas of NSW
  • Women and men leaders mentoring and coaching program commences
  • New ACLW virtual site launched
  • 2nd round of SWECO opens
  • Research to explore women’s views of PM Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott carried out between 19 December – 31 December
  • Somaly Mam becomes Asia Pacific Patron of ACLW
  • ACLW endorses Equality Rights Allliance submission on the exposure draft of the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012
  • January: Research Study findings of Women’s Views of PM Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott released
  • ACLW Submission made for the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 Consultation on reporting matters
  • Participation in the Stakeholder Meeting on the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 Consultation on reporting matters
  • 8 March: SWECO winners announced; Women’s Global Activism launched
  • Leading up to the 2013 Federal Election, ACLW Panel on the Concerns of Women Experiencing Disadvantage in Australian Communities commenced on 22 March with 15 Community women leaders. The Panel closed on 7 September 13. Contributions were published online.
  • National research study on PM Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in the lead up to the Federal Election
  • 3 Public Leadership Conversations were held at the City Beach Function Centre in Wollongong. Each Conversation involved a Panel of leaders from different sectors in the Illawarra in front of a live audience. Conversations with me to explore leadership in action through the personal journeys of leaders, and their insights on leadership in their field will be followed by a Q&A session from the audience.  Net income was donated to the Aboriginal Koori Group in the Illawarra. A DVD was freely distributed and published through ACLW You Tube Channel
  • 25 July: Panel of Political Leaders:; Gareth Ward MP; Anna Watson MP, Sandra McCarthy, Fmr Mayor of Kiama
  • 29 August: Panel of Aboriginal Women Leaders: Veronica Bird, Executive Member, NSW Local Government Aboriginal Network; Janelle Brown, Aboriginal Community Engagement; Sylvia Campbell, Drug and Alcohol Worker, SESIAHS; Jodi Edwards, Aboriginal Cultural Education & Language Consultant; Pam Toomey, Aboriginal Outreach Worker, Illawarra Shoalhaven Medicare Local
  • 26 September: Panel of Community Leaders: Carole Berry, CEO Illawarra Women’s Health Centre; Sally Stevenson, Chairperson indigo foundation; Warren Turner, SES Rescue Officer; Illawarra South Coast Kiama Unit, Lisa Back, Social Worker
  • 2014 SWECO opened on 1 September. Award ceremony to be held in Parliament House NSW hosted by Gareth Ward MP. Judges for the Community category: Sue Conde, Former President, United Women Australia; Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director, The Australia Institute; Maria Dimopoulos, Managing Director, MyriaD Consultants Pty Ltd; Terese Edwards, CEO, National Council of Single Mothers & their Children; Graham West, National Vice President, St Vincent de Paul Society & Consultant; Mike Zissler, CEO Lifeline Canberra
  • Judges for the Organisations category: Susan Ferrier, Head of PPC & Internal Communication, People, Performance & Culture, KPMG; Eddy De Gabriele, Managing Director Edmen Group & Chariman Regional Development Australia – Illawarra; Katy McDonald, National Director, People and Development, Minter Ellison; Associate Professor Lindsay Oades, Director, Australian Institute for Business Well Being University of Wollongong; Nareen Young, CEO, Diversity Council Australia
  • Judges for the Community category: Sue Conde, Former President, United Women Australia; Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director, The Australia Institute; Maria Dimopoulos, Managing Director, MyriaD Consultants Pty Ltd; Terese Edwards, CEO, National Council of Single Mothers & their Children; Graham West, National Vice President, St Vincent de Paul Society & Consultant; Mike Zissler, CEO Lifeline Canberra
  • December: Considerations for Australia’s next woman Prime Minister is published involving 17 Women Leaders who participated in a research study conducted by ACLW
  • 5 March 2014: ACLW celebrates International Women’s Day – Event includes SWECO Award presentation at NSW Parliament House and Book Launch of Considerations for Australia’s next woman Prime Minister. Ceremony hosted by Gareth Ward MP involving Minister for Women, Pru Goward.
  • Recognition for ACLW in NSW State Parliament 
  • 1 September: Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations (SWECO) Award announced. 
  • 13 September: Panellist at Girl Rising Film and Discussion with Dr Eman Sharobeem, CEO, Immigrant Women’s Health Service. Kiama NSW
  • 15 October: ACLW’s Leading Women in Climate Change Panel, Parliament House Sydney
  • 23 October: Illawarra Women in Engineering Event with Troy McDonald, the Illawarra Coal Asset President from BHP; Panellists: Diann Rodgers-Healey; Alice Sila, Mining Engineer at Metropolitan UG Mine and recipient of the ‘Rising Star’ Award; and Fiona Robertson, Chair of NSW WIMnet.
  • 6 March: ACLW celebrates International Women’s Day – Event includes 2015 SWECO Award presentation to 14 Finalists at NSW Parliament House. The Awards Ceremony hosted by the Hon Catherine Cusack MLC.
  • eBook Launch of ‘Pathways to Gender Equality – the role of Merit and Quotas edited by Diann Rodgers-Healey.  The E-book will be launched by Senator Claire Mooore at NSW Parliament House. Guest speakers are Prof Margaret Thornton and Dr Gabrielle McMullin.
  • 27 March: ACLW is registered as a Proprietary Limited Company to move forward as an organisation of social conscience to advance women. ACLW’s vision is refined as being to Transform, Empower and Recognise
  • 14 April: Panellist at School of Social Entrepreneurs
  • 8 August: Power of a Woman Conference 8/8/15 at the Holmes Building The University of Sydney. Facilitated panel discussions with 9 leading women on topics of diversity, adversity, transition and alignment
  • 31 August: ACLW Ambassadors list grows Current Ambassadors of ACLW: Sir Gustav Nossal AC, CBE, FAA, FRS; Professor Shirley Randell AO, PhD, FACE, FAIM, FAICD, AIE Director of the Centre for Gender, Culture and Development Studies at the Kigali Institute of Education Rwanda; Sue Conde, AM Fmr President Unifem Australia; Lorraine Denny, Manager, Professional & Organisational Development Services University of Wollongong; Madam Nazhat Shameem, Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Barrister and solicitor of the High Court of Fiji and a Barrister of the Inner Temple London; Alison Hemsley, Student Residence Manager, Accommodation Services Division University of Wollongong; Tracy Howe, CEO of the Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS)Tracy Howe, CEO of the Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS)
  • 1 September: Plans underway to launch a broader national Award for Women advancing from ACLW’s Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations Award
  • 8 March: ACLW’s inaugural national Diversity Award
  • The categories for the 2016 Diversity Awards are for an individual or organisation that:
    1. Empowers Women in a community or organisation in Australia
    2. Empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in a community or organisation in Australia
    3. Empowers Women with a Disability in a community or organisation in Australia
    4. Empowers Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women in a community or organisation in Australia
    5. Empowers Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender Intersex, Queer (LBGTIQ) women in a community or organisation in Australia
    6. Empowers women experiencing disadvantage in a community or organisation in Australia
    7. Empowers Older Women in a community or organisation in Australia
    8. Empowers Rural, Remote and Regional women in a community or organisation in Australia
  • September 2016: Diversity Award Dinner Ceremony held in NSW Parliament House, Sydney
  • March 2017 International Women’s Day in the Illawarra 
  • September: ACLW’s Unique Leadership of Minority Women Conference A transformational conference to understand the leadership of women from minority groups in Australia and explore how organisations can advance Diversity and Inclusion. Conference outcomes included the publication of a Research Report of the same name, radio interview on ABC with Richard Aedy and article published in the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Gender Diversity Quarterly Report. September – November December 2017, Vol 10. pp 25-27.
  • ACLW You Tube Channel features videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnkpWqzceLqnQv3N3v9j08A

On International Women’s Day 2018, ACLW launched IMAD to enhance and celebrate youth leadership in Australia.

ACLW moves forward earnestly continuing its work to advance the recognition and leadership of women and proud of its many achievements including:

  • Established 4 national leadership awards:
    • Diversity Award 2016; 
    • Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations  (SWECO) Award  2012–2014; 
    • The Leadership Achievement Award 2006-2009; 
    • Advancement of Women in the Workplace Award 2010;
    • 87 national recipients (individuals and organisations) awarded in NSW Parliament House
  • 2 major conferences: Unique Leadership of a Minority Women; Power of a Woman Conference
  • A range of public panels events on various gender and leadership issues
  • A number of articles, research studies, reports, books and speeches on gender and leadership; profiled in the media
  • 61 Editions of ACLW’s ongoing Leading Issues Journal have been published from September 2000 and archived by National Library of Australia
  • Interviews with more than 200 national and international leaders for ACLW members
  • the support of many leaders from diverse sectors as its Patrons and Ambassadors
  • Reviewer of the Women’s Leadership Recommendations in the National Gender Equality Plan in Australia by Equality Rights Alliance in 2018 
  • ACLW becomes a Member of the Australian Gender Equality Council.
  • Reviewer of the Equality Rights Alliance (ERA)’s Expert Working Group’s Report and Recommendations for women’s leadership in Australia to be included in ERA’s National Gender Equality Plan in Australia.
  • Presentation on Intersectional leadership and gender equality at Network of Women Students Australia (NOWSA) Conference.
  • Representation of issues to do with Substantive Recognition of First Nations in Leading Issues Journal as well as spotlight on DV in Mexico.
  • March 2019 The Illawarra Centre for Enablement (ICfE) is established to enable individuals, organisations and communities in the Illawarra through public programs to enhance leadership capacity and civic engagement and promote marginalised youth and adults.
  • Celebrating 20 years, ACLW.org launches a brand-new website and makes all of its back catalogue of books and resources available.
  • ACLW joins Gender Equity Victoria & women’s organisations to recognise the gendered impacts of COVID-19.
  • UK Emerald Publishing’s Inclusivity Report on global Gender Discrimination Barriers published with commentary by ACLW’s Director. 2 July 2020.
  • Will Australia and the EU achieve Gender Equality in a post Covid-19 world? Real World Impact Blog by ACLW’s Director https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/topics/fairer-society/blog/will-australia-and-eu-achieve-global-gender-equality-a-post-covid-19 – 5 January 2021.
  • On 21 January ACLW’s Director participated in the National Sector Roundtable – Impacts of Coercive Controlling.
  • For International Women’s Day 2021, ACLW’s Director facilitated a panel discussion with 4 women Directors at Wollongong City Council to discuss their leadership, achievements and insights on gendered challenges to leadership. Directors were: Kerry Hunt (Community Services); Renee Campbell (Corporate Services); Linda Davis (Planning & Environment) & Joanne Page (Acting Director, Infrastructure & Works) The IWD panel discussion was livestreamed to Wollongong City Council staff. In the lead up to the high school student March for Consent Education on 31 March, ACLW’s Director assisted youth leader of the March, Gemma Thomas articulate her vision and recommendations and also present this to media.
  • On 24 March, ACLW Ambassador Shirley Randell and ACLW Director took part in the Sydney March 4 Justice to urge the federal and state governments to enable substantive reform to achieve gender equality, justice, respect and an end to gendered violence.
  • On 26 May ACLW’s Director participated in the virtual dialogue: Civil society leaders of the Generational Equality Action Coalition* on Feminist Movements & Leadership (AC6) to discuss what AC6 should do to drive transformative change for resourcing feminist movements, protection of civic space, meaningful participation and support for young feminists and adolescent girls. The outcomes of this discussion contributed towards The Generation Equality Forum held in Paris on 30 June to 2 July.
  • 2021 marks twenty years of Reconciliation Australia and almost three decades of Australia’s formal reconciliation process. ACLW’s Director was invited to speak about Reconciliation by the Illawarra Aboriginal Community Based Working Group (IACBWG) on 2 June 2021 at Southern Youth and Family Services in Warilla.
  • Session on ‘Sexual Assault and Discrimination and how workplaces and the government addresses this’ was presented to Sydney University MBA students on 27 June 2021 by ACLW’s Director.
  • ACLW made a submission to the Review of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 in November 2021.
  • ACLW endorsed the submissions of the Equality Rights Alliance and Equality Australia on The Religious Discrimination Bill for the upcoming Parliamentary Joint Committee Enquiry on 4 February 2022.
  • Diann co-authored and compiled a book of poems and poetry in a book entitled For Ukraine and invited all women internationally to participate. 34 international authors accepted this invitation and contributed poems and prose for this publication. Professor Shirley Randell wrote the foreword for this book. All funds raised by all 35 authors from the sale of this book are being given to UN Women Australia for assistance in Ukraine.
  • ACLW endorsed Women’s Legal Service NSW’ Joint statement – remove requirement to separately prove injury in NSW Victims Support applications. The statement calls for the removal of the requirement to separately prove injury in NSW Victims Support applications, and for the NSW Government to legislate better recognition of sexual violence, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and modern slavery through higher recognition payments by 2023. The letter had been sent to the NSW Attorney General and Minister for Women’s Safety and Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • ACLW as a member of the Equality Rights Alliance endorsed the Human Rights Law Centre’ Australian Charter of Human Rights which focuses on the call for an Australian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. The Australian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms is a legislated set of economic, social, civil and political rights that benefit the whole community. They help prevent human rights violations, provide a powerful tool to challenge injustice, and build broader and deeper understanding and respect for human rights – including in government and how it legislates and operates. The campaign is at https://charterofrights.org.au/
  • For the Submission to the Review of the Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1973 (Cth) in relation to the recommendation for gender neutral language, Diann stated that the legislation in being called Maternity Leave is implicitly directed at women and advocated a further recommendation that this legislation be changed to being called Parental Leave as it needs to be explicitly inclusive of all genders, all family types and all forms of parenting.
  • Diann discussed ACLW’s position advocating for gender quotas in workplaces and for diversity quotas to ensure the representation of women from marginalised backgrounds.
  • To mark International Women’s Day 2022, Diann invited a group of women to reflect on what International Women’s Day means to them personally. Reflections from Professor Shirley Randell, Jane Caro, Christina Ryan, Dr Karen Cox, Eva Cox and that of Diann’s are featured at https://aclw.org/articles/2022-international-womens-day/
  •  Australian Centre for Leadership for Women’s submission for WGEA was uploaded to the submissions page for the review of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012
  • Diann reviewed and offered comments to the Joint Submission of the Equality Rights Alliance and Women’s Property Initiatives to the Productivity Commission’s Review of the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement which was submitted in February 2022 to the Productivity Commission
  • Diann published free E-book, ‘Is there a better way to call a government to account during its term in Office? ‘This Ebook proposes a framework for doing this and the analysis of it so far. Comments on the proposal were included in the E-book and are from Sir Gustav Nossal, Dr Nikhat Shameem, Claire Kearns, Diane Dromgold, Rev Jon Owen, Howard Blacker, Dr Kate Crawford, Michael Dowling, Sally Moyle and Judith Henderson. The Ebook can be downloaded at https://issuu.com/democracyguardians
  • Contributed to Women in Adult Vocational Education (WAVE)’s towards WAVE’s submission to the Federal Government on the future architecture and structure of Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA). JSA will provide advice to government on skills and future labour needs.
  • Made a submission to the Joint Select Committee on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice Referendum to support the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as First Nations and in their request for an enshrined Voice as the first step in the Uluru Statement for the Heart; is in the process of organising a virtual discussion on the Voice Referendum in the upcoming months.
  • Participated in the public consultation for the federal government’s National Strategy on Gender Equality led by the Minister for Women.
  • Over the years Diann Rodgers-Healey has accepted invitations from Year 12 students studying gender and feminism issues for their Society and Culture Personal Interest Project. Diann continued this in 2023 on the topic of Church and Feminism.

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