Leadership Interviews

The Australian Centre for Leadership for Women between 2000 and 2019 invited prominent national and international female and male leaders in different sectors to focus on how they became leaders, the forces that shape them and their vision and their reflections on leadership. These unedited interviews offer an insight into the individual’s values, leadership competencies and attributes.

The mission of ACLW is to enable the valuing of women and their advancement in workplaces. The interviews attempt to articulate this mission in the lived experience of the people interviewed. All of the interviews were conducted by the director of the Centre, Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey.

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Centre, the 73 interviews have been compiled and brought together as a single collection. The information in the biography sections of each interview was correct when the interview was undertaken. Biographies have been sorted alphabetically by the surname of the leader (or the first person listed, when more than one leader is part of the interview.) Website links have mostly been removed, although if a link still seemed to be active, it was retained. No endorsement is made of the content of external websites.

List of 73 Interviews, sorted alphabetically

01  Mallen Baker
02  Katherine Benziger (sample chapter)
03  Alan Berkowitz
04  Steve Biddulph
05  Susan Boucher (sample chapter)
06  Susie Burrell
07  Ngaire Caruso
08  Tricia Caswell
09  Helen Conway
10  Philippe Couturier
11  Leila Connors
12  Anne Coombs, Susan Varga & Helen McCue
13  Noa Davenport
14  Libby Davies
15  Margaret Douglas
16  Elizabeth Eckermann
17  Julie Gale
18  Jennie George
19  Richard Glover
20  Pru Goward
21  Jacey Graham & Peninah Thomson
22  Michael Grose
23  Diane Halpen & Fanny Cheung
24  Carolyn Hannan
25  Alexandra Harney
26  Anthony Healey
27  Jack Heath (sample chapter)
28  Avril Henry
29  Chai Hicks, Barbara Neville John & Andrew Maloney, Anna & Skye Crotty, Phil Sleeman, Alan & Sue Bainsbridge
30  Diana Hill
31  Marit Hoel
32  Barbara Holmes
33  Patricia Hughes
34  Peter Hurst
35  Sandra Janoff & Marvin Weisbord
36  Sheila Jeffreys
37  Scott Keeter
38  Deborah Kolb
39  Melanie Kontze
40  Fiona Krautil
41  Carolyn Leigh
42  Jill Lindsay
43  Connie Loden
44  Anne Loveridge
45  Kent M. Keith
46  Sarah Maddison
47  Charles Margerison & Dick McCann
48  Ingrid Masi
49  Fiona McKintosh
50  Bernadette McMenamin
51  Ruth Medd
52  Amy S. Mitchell
53  Nathalie Mourier
54  Suzanne Nield
55  Pauline O’Loughlin
56  Graeme Orr
57  Patricia Parker
58  Andrew Penfold
59  Eileen Pittaway
60  Tanya Plibersek
61  Shirley Randell
62  Margaret Reynolds
63  Ocean Robbins
64  Tony Ryan
65  Jocelynne Scutt
66  Nazhat Shameem
67  Peter Spitzer
68  Natasha Stott Despoja
69  Wendy Weeks
70  George Wilkenfeld
71  Joan Winn
72  Fred Alan Wolf
73  Erik Olin Wright



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