Monster Climate Petition to the House of Representatives

The Victorian Women’s Trust has launched a Monster Climate Petition to the House of Representatives demanding immediate and effective action to significantly reduce carbon emissions. 

The petition draws its attention to the damage to the earth’s climate from humanity’s carbon emissions and requests the House to respect the science and build a safe climate future by enacting immediate and deep reductions in carbon emissions and supporting such strategies globally.

The Victorian Women’s Trust wants to make visible the extent and depth of community support for bi-partisan responses on climate change, and believe the time is ripe, with widespread community fear and dismay about the lack of strong and bold action.

Petitions to the House or Representatives require original pen and ink signatures. Signatures will be collected throughout August, September and October until just before the G20 meeting in Brisbane in mid-November. The Victorian Women’s Trust will then present the Petition to Parliament in the last 2 sitting weeks of 2014.  The petition is available in English and 7 other community languages. 

Please promote and sign this Petition. Download the petition form at  Gather as many signatures as possible and then send the forms to the Victorian Women’s Trust

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