For Ukraine

By Women of the World On 21 April 2022, in solidarity with all the people in Ukraine, and to raise funds for them, I invited all who identify as women, globally, to come together to express their concerns in poetry or prose about Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, its impact on Ukrainians and the reactions […]

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Roland’s Famous Easter Plop Hunt

Book Description: Roland’s Famous Easter Plop Hunt is a delightful story about what animals make of Easter Eggs during that special time when Easter Eggs are hidden in gardens, ready for children’s Easter Egg hunts. This story is especially about what some Skinks do in a small Australian garden as Grandma Shirlee and Grandpa Thomas

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Considerations for Australia’s next woman Prime Minister

Click for book information Considerations for Australia’s next woman Prime Minister by Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey moves the discussion forward so that Australia will have a woman Prime Minister sooner rather than later. Underlined with a reflective, interpretive and explorative stance of Julia Gillard’s Prime Ministership, it presents an analysis on issues to do with gender

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Women’s Activism

Women’s Activism – insights for empowering women from global women activists   Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey From the Introduction: It is well established that in the 21st Century, activism has broken through the traditional barriers to incorporate the internet (Peters, 2011) using increasingly creative means to enable faster, wider and digitally enabled communication for informing, organising,

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Leadership Interviews

The Australian Centre for Leadership for Women between 2000 and 2019 invited prominent national and international female and male leaders in different sectors to focus on how they became leaders, the forces that shape them and their vision and their reflections on leadership. These unedited interviews offer an insight into the individual’s values, leadership competencies and attributes.

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Pathways to Gender Equality in Australia – The role of Merit and Quotas

Click for book information In Australia there continues to be an unprecedented level of awareness of the glass ceiling for women in many key sectors. A surge of strategies to overcome the gender equality gap has also been spearheaded by public and some private organisations.Despite some progress, overall, women’s inclusion and equal representation in leadership

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Mentoring Yourself 

How to Connect with Your Inner WisdomA Guide for Women to Self-Empowerment This book is written for all women who are looking for others to help them reach their potential. Women, who are looking for mentors to guide them by sharing their own journey with them and give them advice about what they should do

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