Leading Issues Journal 2000

    December 2000Dr Carmen Lawrence, Shadow Minister for Industry, Technology and Innovation, and for the Status of Women.

    Final Report from the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. Featuring the conclusions and recommendations of the council at the end of its term of operation, as well as the National Reconciliation Documents: Australian Declaration Towards Reconciliation and Roadmap for Reconciliation.
    November 2000Featuring two papers from the Bullying Conference organised by Dr Jocelynne Scutt. Scutt’s Paper, “Definitive Moments – Capturing the Politics of Bullying” and Shirley Stott Despoja’s Paper, “Bullying and Deafness” explore various themes and personal experiences of being bullied.

    Ann Sherry looks at what precisely is Intellectual Capital? How does one develop it? How are organisations acknowledging and implementing this concept to their competitive advantage? 
    October 2000Prof. Peter Sheldrake examines the issue about the knowledge that organisations possess. He argues that ‘in most organisations, we don’t know what we know, and what little we do know is often the least important knowledge.’ 

    Throughout the world, there is a debate raging over genetically modified (GM) foods. Are they safe? Should they be labelled? How might they affect future health? Dr Rosemary Stanton provides some insights into an issue concerning us all.
    September 2000The views of Global Networking Specialist, Robyn Henderson on what Networking is really about and how anyone, regardless of how confident they are, can apply the principles. 

    “Sharing a Picture of Children’s Development” an innovative Project developed by Senior Project Officer, Judith Gray, of the Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. 

    Leading Issues Journal

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