Leading Issues Journal 2012

November 2012

Cover Story: Feminist Jurisprudence and a New Perspective: Culture and Gender 

Siffat Khan’s article, Feminist Jurisprudence and a new perspective: Culture and Gender is insightful and thought provoking as it steers a deeper appreciation of feminist perspectives and analyses their influence on legal reform. 

Khan’s questions challenge on many fronts: What role do legal institutions play in gender and gender reform? How does gender influence the law?  How are such questions analysed through the different strands of feminism? What issues ensue for legal justice if one makes gender the single axis of differentiation between men and women?  Does the legal system allow women to make autonomous decisions in raising issues of domestic violence?  Should the law have a cultural understanding of the role of women in a society? What gender competencies should those in the judiciary and justice system have for judging men and women? 

Khan’s ‘new perspective’ based on her analysis is a valuable contribution to the legal profession and to considerations for the post modern feminist. 

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