Leading Issues Journal 2020

ACLW’s 2020 Leading Issues Journal shines a spotlight on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected emerging diverse youth leaders in NSW Australia in terms of the challenges they have faced and managed. Their experiences reverberate with uncertainty, yet demonstrate their effort to quickly adapt to the changes they are confronted by.

This edition also features Dr Pat Anderson’s inspiring call to action to tell the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison that he should take the next steps to achieve an enshrined First Nations Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution. Structural reform is needed to give First Nations a greater say and authority over decisions impacting them. A Voice enshrined in the Constitution will achieve a better future for First Nations & all Australians. The Uluru Statement which Dr Pat Anderson refers to in her speech, sets out how this reform can be achieved.

With ‘Work from Home’ becoming a new norm this year, as workplaces globally adapted to economic activity during the lockdown phase to stop the virus spread, this edition takes a look at the impact of this workplace and political directive on women in India. Soma Wadhwa, a Fellow at the India Development Foundation evaluates this impact as being a form of ‘Double marginalisation in the times of Coronavirus.’ Wadhwa explores how simply getting out of home to work is a struggle for women in India and how cultural norms and the type of work that most women do means that ‘Work from Home’ translates to no work at all.

I hope you find this issue interesting.

Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey,
Editor & Director, The Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW)

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