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Privacy Policy

  • The Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) does NOT EVER sell or rent any email addresses belonging to anyone who registers their interest with ACLW, or who participates in ACLW’s activities or purchases a product from ACLW. Your personal details, if provided, will always remain confidential to ACLW. They will not be disclosed to any other parties at any time. 
  • ACLW does not promote any individual or organisation for a fee. The featuring of organisations or external programs at ACLW does not constitute an endorsement for the organisation or program.


  • © 2000 – 2024 Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) Pty Ltd
  • All text and images submitted by participants being featured in ACLW shall become the property of ACLW, and ACLW may use, reproduce, edit, display, publish, prepare derivative works of, and make use of the submitted material in any and all media.
  • ACLW does not endorse or guarantee 3rd party links. Linking to a website does not constitute endorsement by ACLW.
  • ACLW is not liable for any losses, injuries or damages from the display or use of any content on ACLW.

Citing ACLW Content

If citing the content of ACLW, please acknowledge your source as:

  • Rodgers-Healey, D., (2000 – 2024) (Title of the page). Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW).
  • The content of ACLW is not to be sold. The source of the content must be acknowledged with the above citation.  

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