Women’s Activism – Insights for empowering women from global women activists

  • What causes a woman to become an activist?
  • How does this foundation shape her activism?
  • What approach is most effective in assisting other women?

This book by Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey seeks to answer these questions about women’s activism through studying the individual journeys of self-empowerment and activism of 12 leading global women activists who reflect on when their consciousness of inequity began and how it supported their intentionality and agency to assist other women.

From their profound insights and reflections on decades of incredible personal activism on a global scale, recommendations for effective women’s activism emerge as well as interesting perspectives on the significance of the personal and the political, and the notion of empowerment.

Echoing through this book are considerations as to what would be the nature and impact of the global activism machinery if it connected to experiences of an individual’s awakening rather than imposing on the individual, reasons for awakening.


Women’s Activism

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“Employing a research methodology and a content driven interpretive approach for analysis, this book offers clear guidelines for how to effectively assist women, how to stay abreast of the challenges of such work, and more importantly, considerations about sensibilities surrounding one’s desire to assist the woman and respect for the choices of the woman.” 

Foreword by Professor Hurriyet Babacan, Professorial Fellow at James Cook University (JCU) and former Director of The Cairns Institute at JCU.

Review commentaries

“This is an important book. It should particularly be read by those who are involved in activism, those who aspire to be involved in activism, and for those who often observe and analyse the work of agencies which rely heavily on the ability of activists to work effectively on the field. The book will inform and inspire.”

Nazhat Shameem, Barrister – High Court of Fiji and Inner Temple London.

“For those of us who long to see gender roles in balance in our world, this book is both fundamental and guiding. Let us use the book to shake us into action.”

Valerie Browning AO, Human Rights Advocate and Founder of APDA

“Reading Dr Rodgers-Healey’s recent study has challenged me to take a personal reflective journey. I commend the study as very “readable” and thought-provoking”

Dame Carol Kidu DBE MP

Women’s Activism

1 file(s) 1.34 MB

Book Launch

This book was launched at the University of Wollongong on 8 March 2013 – International Women’s Day, by Lynne Wright, Director Employment Equity and Diversity, UOW.

Table of Contents 

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword – Professor Hurriyet Babacan
  • Preface
  • About the Author
  • Introduction An Evolution of Activism
  • Chapter 1. Dominant Themes about Activism
    1. Activism Research
    2. Organisations pursuing Activism
    3. Education for Activism
    4. Political vs. Personal
  • Chapter 2. Research Study of Women Activists
    1. Focus of the Study
    2. Design and Method of the Study
    3. Analysis and Findings
      1. Characteristics of
      2. Initial Occurrence of Catalysts
      3. Catalysts
      4. Later Catalysts
      5. Activism
      6. How can a woman awaken other women?
      7. Dominant approach to empower women
      8. Challenges in being a catalyst for awakening and empowering women
  • Chapter 3. Insights for Women’s Activism
    1. Critical insights from this study
    2. Recommendations for effective women’s activism
    3. Limitations of the study
    4. Conclusion
  • Chapter 4. Reviews of the findings by Global Women Activist Leaders
    • Nazhat Shameem
    • Valerie Browning AO
    • Carol Kidu DBE MP
  • Chapter 5. Biographies of the Study’s Participants
    • Diane Goodwille
    • Anna Harris
    • Shamsi Kazimbaya
    • Justine Mbabzi
    • Lin McDevitt-Pugh
    • Suzette Mitchell
    • Barbara O’Dwyer
    • Shirley Randell
    • Veena Singh-Bryar
    • Gomathy Venkateswar
    • Anne Walker
    • Frieda Werden
  • References



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