Gender Wage Gap

Research has highlighted that remedying the gender gap can be addressed by addressing gender based direct and indirect discrimination so that assumptions are not made about the industries, careers, positions and job assignments for women; by taking into account the balance of paid and unpaid work that women and men undertake in their lifetime; the under-valuation of the occupations in which women are largely employed and their skills. Pay setting methods also contribute to the gender gap. Conducting a gender pay gap analysis can identify the pay gap by factors. According to WGEA, “.. among full-time employees, the average weekly total cash earnings for those who had their pay set by individual agreement were higher for men than women ($1,469.90 and $1173.00 respectively). Similarly, earnings for employees who had their pay set by collective agreement were higher for men ($1,488.20) than women ($1252.70). 

See article that explores this issue further:Male graduates earn more than female graduates: study

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