Publicize Gender Parity at Conferences with the GenderAvenger Tool

Gina Glantz started with an idea born out of frustration and in hope as she reflected how many instances of women being absent from or underrepresented in the public arena were reported. The occurrence of all-male panels at conferences, events, and on industry leader lists has become very common  Gina Glantz says, “Too many of us have attended a conference with all or mostly male panels, watched legislative hearings featuring men and more men, read magazine roundtables, anthologies, “top ten” lists and found few, if any women.”

Motivated that “It’s a simple proposition: if enough of us point out the absence of women to enough people “in charge,” change will happen and a new norm will emerge,” Glantz launched a new gender tally tool to allow women to publicly speak out on social media about a conference’s gender ratio.  The GenderAvenger Tally  allows conference attendees to enter the name and hashtag of the conference they are attending, the number of male speakers, and the number of female speakers. The calculator generates a pie chart displaying the speaker gender ratio at the conference, and allows users to share the chart on Facebook and Twitter using the conference hashtag as well. The group’s goal is to encourage conference attendees to publicly call attention to events that have largely male speaker lineups, in the hopes that organizers will respond and create more gender-diverse events in the future.

“GenderAvenger is all about ensuring that women are always part of the public dialogue,” says founder Gina Glantz.  ”It made a lot of sense to create the GA Tally tool to make it easy for supporters to celebrate the good and expose the bad whenever and wherever they might be.”

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