Policies for Women in the 2019 Federal Election

Women’s votes count in the 2019 Federal Election.

The Women’s Electoral Lobby has outlined what the Coalition, Labor and Greens are promising for women in relation to 12 key priorities.

  1. Eliminating violence against women
  2. Women’s health
  3. An equitable taxation system
  4. Social services
  5. Vocational education and training
  6. Affordable housing
  7. Rights and protections for women living with disability
  8. Adequate retirement income for women
  9. Job security, flexibility, and working time
  10. Gender pay equity
  11. Childcare
  12. Strengthening women’s representation at decision-making levels

Convenor of WEL Australia, Jozefa Sobski, comments, “There is a widening “fairness gap” between Australian women’s rights to equal opportunities and equal treatment (as set out in Australian legislation and international conventions Australia has signed) and women’s daily and lifetime experiences. Girls increasingly are encouraged to believe they will experience equality and are all too often disappointed. Economic and social policies and systems that advantage men and disadvantage women are widespread. There is an inadequate understanding of how women and men are affected by existing and proposed or announced policies and initiatives of the major parties with the exception of those specifically directed to women. Australia is a wealthy country, heading in the wrong direction towards increasing inequality and failing to meet the needs of its poorest people for a decent standard of living. WEL’s Priorities do not cover every issue, nor every aspect of the issues. They do include significant and worthwhile steps forward. They take account of the diverse experiences and needs of various groups of women. Women’s votes count in the election, and WEL’s Priorities seek to influence political parties’ policies.”

Take a look at the WEL 2019 Federal Election Scorecard:


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