Fixing the broken housing system – Election 2019

Election Day is your chance to vote for a party that will act to fix the broken housing system.

The National Everybody’s Home campaign has urged all candidates not to ignore the nearly one million Australian households experiencing rent stress or homelessness.

Campaign spokesperson Kate Colvin said the home- buyers deposit guarantee that is the centrepiece of the Government’s housing policy won’t address systemic failures in a housing system that is broken for many Australians.

Fixing the broken housing system - Election 2019

“The Government wants to help some home buyers with their deposit, but still give investors $32 billion in tax breaks to outbid them at auction,” Ms Colvin said.

“It’s like giving home buyers a pat on the back with one hand and a sucker punch to the head with the other.

“This policy ignores the reality facing more than 811,000 Australian households living in serious rent stress and struggling to keep a roof over their head in an overheated and insecure rental market.

“Nor does it address the urgent need for more social housing for the 116,000 Australians who will be homeless on election night.

“These are problems that require more affordable rental supply.

“That’s why Everybody’s Home has called on all parties to deliver 500,000 social and affordable rental homes, and to address critical pressure points across the housing system to provide relief for first home-buyers, renters and people who are homeless.”

Everybody’s Home is calling for:

  • Reforms to negative gearing and capital gains tax breaks to level the playing field for first home buyers
  • A National Strategy that will address the shortfall of 500,000 social and affordable homes across the country for low and middle income earners
  • Fairer rental laws for 1 in 3 Australian households who rent
  • Immediate relief for Australians in the most chronic rental stress with a $20 a week increase to Commonwealth Rent Assistance.
  • A national plan that aims to end homelessness by 2030.

Ms Colvin said housing could be a deal breaker in marginal seats with high rates of rent stress such as Dobell and Gilmore in NSW, Flinders and Corangamite in Victoria, and Longman and Forde in Queensland.

“Renters are a growing electoral force that all parties should pay proper attention to if they are serious about winning on Saturday,” Ms Colvin said.

National Everybody’s Home campaign has released its scorecard on the housing policies of the major parties, which shows Labor and the Greens way ahead of the Government on housing policy before Saturday’s election.

There is also a record of what each Party has had to say about the problem and their approach.

See the Scorecard at

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