Leading Issues Journal 2008

    November 2008Global Issues: What will Obama bring to Poznan?; Election Day in the US; Obama’s Position on Issues affecting Women; Corporate meltdown: Some insights; G20 Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil 9 Nov 08; Sex and Power report reveals fewer women in positions of power and influence; Global climate change presents a serious national security threat for the US; Afghanistan: The slim possibility of peace and the probability of a longer, wider, more dangerous war
    National Issues: Gender equality: What matters to Australian women and men;  2008 EOWA AUSTRALIAN CENSUS OF WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP; Stillbirth: It won’t happen to me…; What every woman should know about stillbirth; Talking about stillbirth: A male perspective; COAG – A new era in federal financial relations; Read the Communiqué from COAG ; National Curriculum; A National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care; 2008 Status report on diversity and flexibility; The role of NGOs; My Favourite Australian; Bicycle Ambulances Saving Lives; Homeless World Cup
    BookTalk: Whistleblowing under the microscope; WEL history published; Stella Miles Franklin: A Biography By Jill Roe
    January 2008Say No to Violence UN campaign; Gender bias and female leadership styles; Companies with more women Board Directors experience higher financial performance; International Ethical Leaders of 2007; Carbon labels – A green mark too far? US Corporate Citizenship Survey; Australia’s Apology to the Stolen Generations; The Sorry Day Pledge Books; Australia 2020 Summit; WOMEN have scored three of the four most heavyweight jobs with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd; Ethical leaders who made a difference in 07; Gender Pay Gap & Paid Maternity leave requires Government Action says the Democrats; Future of School in Australia Report; Online Self-Assessment Tool (OSAT); Building Livable Communities; Gehl’s vision to reclaim Sydney’s heart; No fear: Growing up in a risk averse society; Ministerial Code of Conduct; VICHEALTH: Preventing Violence before it occurs.

    Leading Issues Journal

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