Leading Issues Journal 2009

    November 2009Women’s Solutions to the Fore as the Curtain Closes on the Third Millennium’s First Decade by Dr Lynette J. Dumble Founder and Director of the Global Sisterhood Network; ASYLUM SEEKERS – A soft touch? Not according to the evidence By Peter Browne, Inside Story; Bottling the GFC* experience: Lessons we have learned By Juliet Bourke Aequus; Campaign aims to help more children Survive to Five by Suzzane Dvorak, CEO Save the Children Australia; Go Home on Time Day Campaign by The Australia Institute
    July 2009Feminist Analysis: Gender, Race and Religion  The Idea of “Intersectionality”? by Dr Bronwyn Winter; Kath Mazzella: I lost my femininty… don’t lose yours; Graham Young: Expectations and the Global Financial Crisis; Nareen Young: Diversity in a Downturn: Responding to a Global GFC; Speech by Justice Nazhat Shameem on Inequities for women in Fiji.
    March 2009Building Your Mission Statement; 30 YEARS OF A GLOBAL BILL OF RIGHTS FOR WOMEN; Book Talk:Nancy, Bird. “My God! Its A Woman”

    Leading Issues Journal

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