NOWSA National Women’s Conference

I gave a keynote speech at the 2019 NOWSA National Women’s Conference held in Macquarie University on 22 July 2019. NOWSA is a Network of Women Students Australia. Established in 1987, and founded on ideals of creating a grassroots, autonomous network concerned with issues that impact women and women students, every year, NOWSA hosts a conference in collaboration with the National Union of Students and an Australian University Student Association. The conference provides an opportunity for women identifying students to engage with personal, political, social, and cultural issues that affect women.

My speech was entitled, Why Intersectional Experiences are Crucial for Diversity and Inclusion. From the feedback received, this speech resonated with many young women in the audience as I also focused on the personal beyond intersectionality in leadership.

The diverse topics which this Conference canvassed highlighted the significance of giving a platform to marginalised experiences for understanding, validation, celebration and a catalyst for social change. In doing this, NOWSA lived up to its manifesto to “create a positive and safe environment for women and nonbinary people to collaborate on issues affecting women…”

I would like to congratulate the NOWSA team leading the organising of the Conference. A shout out to Jasmine Phillips for being an excellent Convenor of the Conference. If you would like to know more about NOWSA see

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