Leading Issues Journal 2004

    November 2004Enough, Speech by Patricia Hughes; $8Billion Cost of Domestic Violence; Violence Begins at Home; The Road to a Republic; Senior Women Executives and the Cultures of Management; Glass Ceiling on the Boards of the World’s 200 Largest Companies; Training a Spotlight on Urban Citizenship: The Case of Women in London and Toronto; Portrayal of Women Within the UK’s Media; Fourth Howard Ministry; Parameters for the report to the National Executive on the 2004 Federal Election result for the ALP; Nobel prize for an environmental activist breaks new ground
    October 2004Speeches related to Gender Issues in Elections 
    Public Advocacy and Campaign Activities
    Marginal Seats and Election Issues
    General Election Questions answered
    Election Websites
    Special Edition – 2004 Federal Election – CLW’s guide to help women vote

    September 2004 
    The Impact of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) ; Peak Australian Community Organisations call for rejection of US Free Trade Agreement; Women and Self Governance By Professor Lowitja O’Donoghue; Questionnaire to Governments on the Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (1995); 2004 – the 20th Anniversary of the Federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984; A Tribute to Wendy Weeks; 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005; Labor’s women’s policy scored attention, but will it help at poll time?  The Courage of Afghanistan’s Malalai Joya; World Media Leaders Launch Aids Initiative; UN Experts Say Gender Equality Essential to Fighting Spread of AIDS in Asia; Adult Learners’ Week around the world
    July 2004Paid Maternity Leave; Interview with Senator Stott Despoja; Reactions to Howard’s Universal Maternity Payment; Political Action by Australian Feminists; The Health Costs of Violence Report by Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth); Major Conference ‘Stop Violence Against Women’; Domestic Violence by Senator Natasha Stott Despoja; The Art of Listening and The Campaign for Leadership by Frances Hesselbein; NBC News’ Meet The Press Interview with Colin Powell; UC Berkeley Anthropology Professor working on Organs Trafficking; My Journey Kit by Breast Cancer Network Australia
    May 2004
    Honouring the Hon Mary Gaudron; Inquiry into an Australian Republic; The State of the World’s Children 2004 Report; UN Study on Impact of Globalization Shows Uneven Results; UN Commission on Human Rights: Sexual rights are human rights; ACT Passes First Human Right Bill; Medicare Plus: The Illusion of Social Justice; Commission on the Status of Women Forty-Eighth Session; A Head Start for Australia: An Early Years Framework; Women are Region’s Peacemakers, But Excluded from Leadership; Jessie Street – Streets Ahead; The Real Masculinity Crisis; Grubby Sex Has Just Become a Bit Noisier; World Uranium Weapons Conference
    March 2004International Women’s Day 8 March 2004 Statement by Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Director, UNIFEM; An interview with Mary Robinson: Making ‘global’ and ‘ethical’ Rhyme; Conference Address by Mary Robinson: Clash or Consensus: Gender and Human Security in a Globalized World; Advocacy, Workshop Paper by Dr John Murphy, Mornington Peninsula Community Connections, at the Network of Inner East Community Houses Inc, Victoria, 17th June 2003; What are Tomorrow’s Leaders Thinking Today?; United Nations Awardees for the 2003 Prize; Jane Fonda’s Speech at the National Women’s Leadership Summit Washington , D.C. June 12, 2003

    Leading Issues Journal

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