Leading Issues Journal 2005

    November 2005WORLD FOCUS: Key Facts about Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus; 2005 World Summit Outcome; 2005 Overview of Estimated Food Needs and Shortfalls for WFP Operational Activities; UN Secretary-General congratulates G-8 for steps on Africa Climate Change; Natural Disasters Expose Gender Divides; Sex Discrimination Suit Against Morgan Stanley results in $40million settlement
    NATIONAL FOCUS: New Workplace Laws; Tell the Senate your concerns – A letter from Sharon Burrows, ACTU President; Tsunami Disaster in Asia – Teaching Tools: A Tool Kit for Primary and Secondary Schools in Australia; Australia’s Farmers: past, present & future – Report June 2005; Second Report on Indigenous Disadvantage; Blueprint for the Bush; A Snapshot of Women’s Representation on Selected Regional Bodies
    RESEARCH & RESOURCES: Alcohol Awareness Survey 2005 by the Salvation Army; DEPORTED TO DANGER: A Study of Australia’s Treatment of 40 Rejected Asylum Seekers; What’s the deal? Australian Community Sector Survey 2005 Report; Want to be a Mentor or Mentee in the Young Women’s Leadership Project?
    FEATURE ARTICLE: New Report supports ACTU Call to Ban Individual Contracts for Young Workers 
    September 2005WORLD FOCUS: World-wide vigilance to protect sharks; United Nations World Youth Report 2005; NATIONAL FOCUS: What Women Want Project; Political Money Trail – The Greens democracy4sale Project; Controversial Reformer – Steven Schwartz; New Australian Government arrangements in indigenous affairs; A Changing Climate for Australia and  our response; Australia: ‘The Tampa’ Four Years On Amnesty Project; Report on Women in Detention Centres;
    RESOURCES & RESEARCH: Just Ask Toolkits; Depression and the Drought; Best Options for promoting healthy weight and preventing weight gain in NSW; Tell your local MP that you care in 3 quick steps; GetUp Action for Australia;
    FEATURE STORY: Who’s being unfair on small business?
    July 2005WORLD FOCUS: What Year is it? Missing in Childhood. The Gender Gap Report. State of the World Mothers
    NATIONAL FOCUS: Speech by ABC’s Donald McDonald; Commitment to Women’s Safety in South Australia; Petro Georgiou MP and Judy Moylan MP demanding major changes to asylum seeker treatment; 2005 Human Rights Medal and Awards officially open; Parents still ignored in a Budget stuck in a time warp
    CURRENT RESEARCH: Survey of Employee Attitudes to Industrial Relations Reform;  Australian Political Influence Survey; The National Values Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools
    May 2005WORLD FOCUS: A More Secure World: Our Shared Responsibility; Indo-Australian Tectonic Plate at Risk
    NATIONAL FOCUS: 2005 Pamela Denoon Lecture by Professor Judith Whitworth; The Natasha Factor: Politics, Media and Betrayal by Alison Rogers; A History of International Women’s Day in words and images
    CURRENT RESEARCH: On the Battlefield of Women’s Bodies: An Overview of the Harm of War to Women
    March 2005WORLD FOCUS: Learning the Lessons of the Tsunami – One Month On; Tsunami Analysis & Timeline
    NATIONAL FOCUS: Arundhati Roy; Women Chiefs of Enterprises; Sexual Harassment in the Workplace; Discrimination, Good Practice Guide
    CURRENT RESEARCH: Attitudes to Social Justice; Women and the Economy; NEWS FLASH: Beijing Plus Ten (2005)

    Leading Issues Journal

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